Sabtu, 04 Juni 2016

How to Use "Find DOI in Sci-Hub" Google Chrome Extension

For doing good research, we must do a lot of literature review. However, downloading and reading scientific papers from publishers are way much costly.

Sci-hub was made to bypass the payment. You can download nearly every papers in this world.

I made a chrome extension to help people go to sci-hub website, just by using the DOI information in the paper. This post is to explain how to download and use the extension.

Download the extension
1. Go to this link to download
2. Add the extension to chrome by using the "add to chrome" button

3. Enjoy!

How to use the extension
1. Find the paper you want to download. Go to the publisher. For example, I want to download my paper in IEEEXplore, so I go to IEEEXplore on my paper

2. You see that to download and read the full text, I have to sign in and pay.
3. Scroll down until you find the DOI

4. Select the DOI

5. Right click on the DOI

6. Click on "Find DOI in Sci-hub". It will bring you to sci-hub

7. Enjoy! Hope I help you in making a better world

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